YES 2021

Hygiene AP809566 10 pcs of wet wipes in resealable pouch with white closure. Unfolded wipe size: 20×15 cm. Ideal for pad printing or full-colour vinyl sticker. Size: 150×70×15 mm Printing: VS(FC), P1(1C) Lidem AP721743-01 Hand cleansing gel in transparent bottle with dispenser safety lid and metal carabiner, 30 ml. With 65% alcohol content. Cosmetic product, non-biocidal! Size: 35×100×22 mm Printing: P1(2C), VS(FC) CreaSneeze Eco AP716441 100 pcs of 3-ply paper tissues in custom made kraft paper dispenser box. Price includes digital printing. MOQ: 100 pcs. Size: 93×135×60 mm P rinting: FP-DG(FC) Tromix AP721794 Plastic ballpoint pen with blue refill and sanitizer spray on top. Capacity: 3 ml. Delivered without sanitizer liquid. Size: ø14×157 mm Printing: P0(4C), UV(FC) Masup AP721747 Individually packed alcohol sanitising wet wipe for cleaning hands and surfaces. Unfolded wipe size: 15,5×16,5 cm. MOQ: multiples of 100 pcs. Size: 67×80 mm Printing: P1(2C), VS(FC) Vixel AP721912 Hand cleansing gel in transparent bottle with coloured dispenser safety lid, 30 ml. With 70% alcohol formulation and Aloe Vera extract. Cosmetic product, non-biocidal! Size: 39×76×23 mm Printing: P1(2C), VS(FC) -01 -05 -01 -01 -02 -03 -05 -06 -07 -10 -02 -05 -06 -07 -10 -25 -06 173 VITALITY AND CARE