YES 2021

Belind AP721041-01 Plastic pen holder with 4-port USB hub, built-in mobile holder and 4 LED lights. USB 2.0. Size: 70×80×70 mm Printing: P2(2C) Alury 30 AP800411 30 cm aluminium ruler. Size: 311×30×3 mm Printing: E1 Crystalline AP813012 Transparent, plastic pen holder with digital display, thermometer, clock, alarm and calendar functions. Delivered with button cell battery. Size: 100×120×53 mm Printing: P2(4C), UV(FC) Rubus 30 AP810434 Bamboo ruler, 30 cm. Size: 309×32×3 mm Printing: E1, P0(4C), S0(2C), OP(FC) 89 OFFICE AND BUSINESS